Get Virgin Fuel Oil (D6)


Kode Fuel Oil (D6)
Ukuran 1 Gallons

We are pleased to offer the product described on FOB Houston delivery basis. The Buyer will be able to carry out his dip test in the seller’s tank provided that the Buyer has a valid and verifiable TSA. On successful completion of the trial transaction the contract transaction commences. Buyer requires SBLC MT760 for contract transaction.

Offer Code:

Offer Validity:
Expires on 31 July 2020 at 17:30 hrs GMT

Virgin Diesel Fuel Oil, D6

Russian Federation.

Quantity :
Minimum 100,0000,000 Gallons up to 300,000,000 Gallons per Week x 52 weeks

FOB Houston

Fixed Price US$2 per gallon by the Buyer / US$1 per gallon to the Seller

By SGS or equivalent


1/ Buyer receive Seller SCO (with procedure) and issue ICPO (with seller procedure) with Company profile CP. NB: Please note that we are only able to issue SCO to Buyers who submit official enquiries as LOIs.

2/ Seller issues Commercial Invoice to Buyer

3/ Buyer returns the signed Commercial Invoice to Seller with TSA (for seller DD & approval).

4/ Seller notarizes the signed CI and sends copy (in PDF) to Buyer along with PPOP:

4a/ Company accreditation certificate
4b/ Product Passport Analysis
4c/ Certificate of origin
4d/ GOST conformity Certificate
4e/ Commitment to supply
4f/ Storage Receipt

5/ Buyer returns ATV for Seller inspection

6/ Seller issues the following:

6a/ Allocation Certificate
6b/ Statement of availability of product
6c/ Authorization to sell and collect
6d/ Authorization to verify
6e/ Notice of readiness to inject
6f/ SGS
6g/ Dip-Test Authorization to dip in Seller tanks

7/ Injection (product transfer) begins into Buyer storage tanks

8/ After successful injection, Buyer pays for product via MT103
8a/ Full POP including Allocation Certificate is issued to Buyer in English and Russian language
8b/ Intermediaries’ commission is paid according to NCND/IMFPA

9/ Trial lift is completed and next shipment is followed according to SPA (optional)

Other products we offer

We work with a range of sellers who can offer the following products;

D2 GASOIL (GOST 305-82)
MAZUT FUEL OIL 100 GOST 10585/75-99 (MAZUT M100)

Enquiries can be made by issuing an LOI or email stating the following:

1. Name of the product
2. Quantity required (in correct units please)
3. CIF or FOB Delivery basis and port
4. Contract term e.g 12 months
5. Name and country of Buyer’s bank.
6. Expected date of first delivery.
7. Buyer to please confirm whether he can issue an SBLC MT760 or DLC MT700.

Please do request for quotation for one product at a time.


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