3600 GAR [3800 Kcal/Kg] – MV – kr

$38.00 Exclude PPn

Berat : Metric Ton
Origin : Kalimantan
Commodity : STEAM COAL in bulk
Kuantitas : Minimum 5000 ton lalu hingga 50.000 ton per bulan x 12 bulan (+10%)

Surveyor : To be mutually agreed
Loading Port: East Kalimantan Indonesia
Loading Rate : 8000 MT/Hari

Laycan : Exact laycan to be agreed at time of signing contract
Payment : 100% LC at sight by international prime bank upon dokuments presentatioan
Validity : Subject unsold and subject to reconfirmation by contract seller

Total Moisture ARB 42,90 pct ASTM D3302M-17
Inherent Moisture ADB 19,40 pct ASTM D3302M-17a
Ash Content ADB 3,70 pct ASTM  D3374-12
Volatile Matter ADB 41,81 pct ASTM  D3375-18
Fixed Carbon ADB 35,09 pct ASTM D 5142
Total Sulphur Content ADB 0,19 pct ASTM D4239-14
Gross Calorific Value ADB 5.245 kcal/kg ASTM D5865-13
Gross Calorific Value ARB 3.716 kcal/kg ASTM D5865-13
Hardgrove Grindability Index 55,00 point ASTM D409
Size ( 0 – 50 mm) 87,45 pct ASTM D4749
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